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FREE - Warzone - Kill Race Duos (Alpha Event)

Join us for our debut competition with Warzone Kill Race Duos! $200 in prizes! Registration is COMPLETELY FREE!

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Time & Location

Oct 10, 2020, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM EDT

Online Event

About The Event

Follow the action on our Twitch.

General Overview

  • Teams will compete in as many Call of Duty Warzone matches as desired in order to obtain the highest scores between 8:00 PM and 10:00 PM EST (6:00PM and 8:00PM MST). The top three scores will be submitted.
  • Each teammate must register to participate. But don’t worry. It’s freeee!
  • Teams may begin the tournament late or leave early if they are satisfied with their score before the official end time.
  • Teams must elect a Team Captain who will check in on the Discord and be responsible for submitting scores and receiving winnings (if 18+).
  • Team Captain must check into the Green Shell Games Discord with their team’s name prior to starting their first match. Check in server will open 30 minutes before the event begins.
  • One player must be streaming with archive mode enabled for the duration of all recorded matches so scores can be verified. If your live stream is lost for any reason during the event, restart the stream. Matches used in your reported score must be recorded in full to ensure accurate and fair score results.

Prize Breakdown

  • 1st Place : $100
  • 2nd Place : $50
  • 3rd Place : $50

Team Makeup

  • Individuals accepting winnings on behalf of the team must be 18 years of age or older.
  • If the Team Captain is under 18, a Team Manager may be elected. The Team Manager must be 18 or older and is responsible for collecting winnings on behalf of the team. The Team Manager can be non-playing.
  • Teams may have less than the maximum amount of players but squad auto-fill is not allowed. All members of a team must have purchased a ticket to compete.

Any teams including players who have not registered for a ticket will be disqualified.


This event does not include divisions.

Match Rules

  • Accepted platforms for gameplay are: Playstation, Xbox, and PC.
  • Cross platform must be enabled.
  • Teams may leave their match early to start a new match.
  • Any matches starting later than 10pm EST will not be counted.
  • No reverse boosting (lowest KD teammate cannot host for team).
  • No dummy accounts (Activision account must have more than 25 matches played).
  • No hacking, cheating, or exploiting (no using hacks, exploiting in-game glitches, or using any type of cheats which give an unfair advantage).
  • Activision server issues are not under the control of Green Shell Games and although unfortunate, they affect everyone and teams will not be given special consideration or extra time due to server-related issues.

Streaming Requirements

  • At least one player must be streaming for the duration of all matches submitted for score.
  • Streamers must have archive mode enabled to allow time for scoring review and verification.
  • Streams must include #GreenShellGames in the title.
  • Any streaming platform is acceptable so long as it is able to be accessed publicly.
  • Games used for a team’s recorded score must be streamed in full. If connection to your stream is lost or disconnected during the event, restart the stream. Special consideration will not be made for technical or server errors and no extra time will be awarded to any team.
  • Any number of players may stream their team’s matches, but submission of multiple streams for a single match is not allowed.
  • Streaming may begin 15 minutes before the event start time and must end no more than 30 minutes after the end time.
  • A link to your streaming account must be included in signup information to allow Green Shell Games to find and verify scores. Any reported scores that cannot be verified will be marked as a 0.


Each team will receive 1 point per kill (combined kill count for team) in addition to points for match placement.

Placement points are as follows:

  • 1st place - 10 points
  • 2nd place - 9 points
  • 3rd place - 8 points
  • 4th place - 7 points
  • 5th place - 6 points
  • 6th place - 5 points
  • 7th place - 4 points
  • 8th place - 3 points
  • 9th place - 2 points
  • 10th place - 1 point

Teams will submit their kill totals and placement points for their top three scoring matches. These three matches will be combined for a total event score. Said another way:

(Game 1 Kills + Game 1 Placement) + (Game 2 Kills + Game 2 Placement) + (Game 3 Kills + Game 3 Placement) = Event Score

For example, a team's score card will look like this:

Game One:

  • Kills: 4                    
    • Match Placement: 1 (worth 10 points)
    • Total Match Score: 14 


Game Two:

  • Kills: 6                   
    • Match Placement: 1 (worth 10 points)
    • Total Match Score: 16


Game Three:

  • Kills: 3                    
    • Match Placement: 2 (worth 9 points)
    • Total Match Score: 12


Total Event Score: 42

Scores must be reported no later than 11pm EST. Only the scores of your best three matches will be counted. Failure to report will result in a 0 leaderboard score.

Results will be posted and winning teams will be contacted via email within 24 hours following the event start time.

*Rules may be changed as necessary up to 72 hours before the event start. Players are responsible for reviewing the rules before each event and maintaining compliance with all event rules.

For more information on rules and requirements, please see our Rules page.





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