Our Story

Green Shell Games is an LLC based in Boise, ID, dedicated to running gaming competitions with the primary goal of making your gaming experience more exciting.


By adding an additional element of competition, we hope to provide an outlet for you to show off your skills and get to know other likeminded people by joining our community of gamers. By splitting our competitions into divisions and adding numerous prize styles, we provide an opportunity for everyone of all skill levels to participate and win.


As we build and grow, we'd like to offer more diverse types of gaming competitions by expanding into different styles of games, different competition styles, adding divisions, and adding additional prizes with a goal toward promoting positivity in competitive gaming.

Our People


Ian Pedersen

Chief Executive Officer



Kym Couch

Chief Financial Officer



Mike Taylor 

Chief Information Officer


Wil Brown

Chief Operating Officer  wil@GreenShellGames.com

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